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As of January 1, 2015, I took over Toy Trucks  & More from David Beasley.  I began customizing toys when I was a  child and decided I wanted my toys to look more like the real machines  that were on our farm.  The first custom truck I did was one of the Ertl  Trucks of the World Transtar cabover with a cattle pot.  Since I did  not like the 70’s green color and had no idea how to use spray paint, I  went with my best option, a black permanent marker.  Needless to say, it  didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.  Thankfully, I have gained more  skill as I’ve gotten older.  Before I go any further, I have to say that  I have been blessed to have learned from two of the best mentors and  pioneers in this business.  David Thompson, who started Truckin’  Little.  Without his creativity and skill, the custom truck hobby would  be nowhere near what it is today.  He was always willing to answer any  questions I had or to offer help when I needed it.  The other is the man  who originally started this business, David Beasley.  David had known  me since I was very young, but it wasn’t until I decided as an adult  that I wanted a Peterbilt daycab model for a grain hopper I had that I  really started down the path that led me to the place I’m at today.   Around 2002, I started going to toy shows with David just to help him  set up the display for sales; however, while spending that much time  working shows, I learned much more than what truck looks good with what  trailer. I learned to treat customers like it was myself on the other  side of the table, work to build the hobby for the long term not just  for short term profit, and never, ever be afraid to tear something apart  for a build.  Overall, to me this business is more than simply creating  and selling toy trucks --- it is an opportunity to create products that  are meaningful to my hardworking customers.

If you'd like to read more about David Beasley, who started the business and helped get me started continue reading. 

About THe Founder OF Toy Trucks & More


The Background and History That Led To The Starting of Toy Trucks & More.

It's been a long time since I've updated the About Us page.  In September 2014, I was told,

after a long fight with colon cancer, that the cancer had spread to other organs and was  terminal.

As of the first of the year 2015, John Esche, who has been with me for 14 years, has officially taken over as the

new owner of Toy Trucks and More.  John has become a good custom builder, and knows the business well.

He has been accepted by my clients as well as other dealers, and I hope for future support for him.

John can be reached by using the Contact Us Button or at

It's been a fun ride!
David N. Beasley

I started collecting toy trucks at a  very early age.  Back in the 60's, about the only thing available were Winross and Ertl Trucks of the World, many of which I still have in my  collection, and they are a great part of the collecting history.  I graduated high school

in 1977 and bought a 1969 White 5000 with a grain  trailer and started hauling grain.  I have owned several brands of trucks  throughout the years, but my favorite was a 1964 Dodge C800 with a 413  gas engine, with a five speed and two speed rear axle.

I purchased the truck  right after my graduation, and kept it through 1991.  I eventually sold it and there was an off-frame restoration done, which brought it back to  showroom condition.  By May of 1991, I had five trucks in the  fleet, but eventually decided to sell the trucking company and pursue the toy business.  I had been custom building, and selling toys for about two years as a part-time side business, but decided to go  full-time.  The picture above shows the first toy show that we set up at as

a vendor in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.